About Me

I'm Onur, a Frontend Engineer who loves to solve problems and dabbles in design with a strong sense of aesthetics. Currently living in Berlin, Germany and developing things at heycar. Previously, I worked as a Frontend Engineer at Yemeksepeti, Full Stack Developer at Sistas, Mobile Developer at Tanbula and Specialist at Apple. I was born in in Ankara—the capital city of Turkey—, grew up in Istanbul and went to Doğuş University, graduating with a degree in Computer Engineering. I'm contributing to open source, sharing everything I know through my blog and Medium. When I’m not nerding out, I'm DJing, doing bodybuilding, playing Football Manager since 2000, watching Besiktas 🦅 —my favorite team— matches and enjoying time with friends and family.

You can find me on Twitter where I share my thoughts, or on GitHub where I build cool stuff, or on Soundcloud where I create mixtapes and songs.

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Summer Sax
Melodic Saxophone Deep House Summer Mix
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Sax On Fire
Melodic Saxophone Deep House Summer Mix
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Soulful Deep House Mix
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I Wanna Live Not Just Survive
Deep House Mixtape


Small just-for-fun weekend open source projects/works I've been working on.

My personal notebook.
An open source minimal and clean taking notes extension for Chrome.
Loading images lazily in a modern way using Intersection Observer API.
A minimal React based carousel/slider component.
A lightweight browser detector.
A CSS file emphasizing about possible improvements and errors that exist in HTML semantic elements.