About Me

My name is Onur (meaning "Honour" in English). I'm a Software Engineer who loves to solve problems and dabbles in design with a strong sense of aesthetics.
I'm currently living in Berlin, Germany, and developing things as a Senior Frontend Engineer at heycar. Previously, I worked as a Frontend Engineer at Yemeksepeti, Full-Stack Software Engineer at Sistas, Mobile Developer at Tanbula, and Specialist at Apple. You can check out my CV.
I'm contributing to open source, sharing everything I know through this blog and Medium. When I’m not nerding out, I'm DJing, bodybuilding, playing Football Manager (since 2000), watching 🦅 Beşiktaş matches, and enjoying time with friends.
You can find me on Twitter where I share my notions, on GitHub where I build cool stuff, and on Soundcloud where I create mixtapes and songs.
If you’re in Berlin, let’s go for a walk. Reach me at @onurschu.