Joined Bitvavo

I relocated to Amsterdam to join Bitvavo, and can't wait to contribute!


Moved to Amsterdam

After spending a wonderful 2,5 years at heycar and in Berlin, it's time for a new challenge for me. I'm so excited!


Completed the "Alpha" phase

Lost about 5 kgs. Now it's time for the "Beta" phase.


Started on Focus T25 workout program

I've gained a lot weight lately which makes me feel completely bad about it. Let's see what happens after completing the first part "Alpha".


Minted some TinyFaces NFT

Check out my collection here.


Bought my first NFT

I've finally joined this realm with buying an NFT from Zorb.


Promoted to Senior

I've been promoted to Senior Frontend Engineer. What an enormously proud moment to start the new year! Another milestone achieved. ✅


Updated my website

I have migrated my website from "Next.js + MDX + Chakra UI" combo to "Next.js + Contentful + Tailwind CSS" combo.


Visited Hamburg

It's my first trip outside of Berlin and also with Zehra and Önder. Had lots of fun especially thanks to the early Christmas vibe.



I've made a surprise and visited my parents after almost a year. It was so emotional and we all cried lol. Stayed for 3 months.


My tweet went viral

50K+ likes and 1K+ retweets 🤯 It's in Turkish but still, you can check it out here.



Joined heycar

Thrilled to join this brilliant company. 🎉


Moved to Berlin

It's my first time living abroad and I'm far away from my family and friends.



Served in the military

I'm glad to get rid of this 💩



Joined Yemeksepeti

I'm excited to help grow the team.



Joined Sistas

This is my first software related job. Feeling super lucky.


Graduated from university

It was a long 5 years. I worked my ass off to make it.


Joined Apple

My first job within the best company in the universe!



Started at Dogus University

Being able to study Computer Engineering is one of the luckiest moments of my life.




On the 23rd of June.