Hey, I’m Onur Şuyalçınkaya

I’m a developer, writer, and DJ living in Istanbul, Turkey.

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May 24, 202010 min read

useFetch — A Custom React Hook

Often we see ourselves writing almost the same exact codes in more than one different component. What about extracting that recurrent logic into a reusable piece of code (hook) and reuse it where the need be?
Jan 20, 20203 min read

Understanding “React.memo”

React.memo() increases the performance of functional components by preventing useless renderings. But such performance tweaks must be applied wisely.
Jan 07, 202018 min read

What I Have Learned From Working With HTML5 Video Over A Month

I had a chance to work with HTML5 Video in a project over a month and here is what I have learned from it.

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