I've been writing online since 2018, mostly about code, design, and my notions to learn, not to teach.

6 mins read
It's probably the best and the worst year I've ever had.
9 mins read
28 yaşında Berlin'de yaşamaya başlayan genç bir adamın hikayesi...
2 mins read
My home screen was a mess and it was really damn hard to find anything. I decided to go with more minimal and productive way.
10 mins read
What about extracting that recurrent logic into a reusable piece of code (hook) and reuse it where the need be?
3 mins read
Did you know that the <video> and <canvas> elements would be a great choice to use together?
3 mins read
It increases the performance of functional components by preventing useless renderings. But such performance tweaks must be applied wisely.
17 mins read
I had a chance to work with HTML5 <video> in a project over a month and here is what I have learned from it.
2 mins read
Carousels can be painful because building it requires architectural thinking, management of data and elements, DOM manipulation, and consideration for user interaction.
2 mins read
4 ways to filter out the duplicates from an array and return only the unique values.
1 min read
It might seem confusing sometimes.
2 mins read
I love using Flickity, it’s great and super easy to use. But… 👀
3 mins read
Here’s my recipe to get Tailwind CSS working with Gatsby.js